Email Marketing

Easy. Value-Added. Customer-Centric.

Email Marketing Stats

of online adults use email, 61% use it on an average day
of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email rather than social (17%)
ROI for email marketing versus 7% for direct mail

Our Experience

Building data-driven email campaigns is what we do. Among customers, email remains one of the top preferred methods of communicating with brands. To be successful, you need to think beyond delivering a "pretty" email. We recognized three key factors that help to increase subscriber engagement: value-added, timely, and highly personalized. Without these three key factors, your marketing email will just be another email.

Having created, managed, and deployed emails that go out to millions of users and consumers, we have the knowledge and experience it takes for your emails to deliver, inspire and connect.

Quick Tips for Building Your Best Email

Manage. Build. Maximize.

RDM will work with you to design and deliver your customized email campaign.

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