Looking for insights?

Harnessing Data is the # 1 Driver to Insightful Decision Making

RDM has the expertise to take your data and implement it to your specifications.

Our team is dedicated to excellence and can provide your company with dependability, security and the experience to manage, load, and analyze large amounts of data. Currently, we load 7 million records a day, with historical records of 12 billion. Our clients depend on us to get them in the driver seat with greater insight to make well-informed decisions that will drive customer responsiveness and lifetime value (CLV). We are certified through PCI compliance dedicated to banking and payment technologies.

Are you thinking "I’m a marketer, not a data scientist!"?

We have you covered.

Here are eight important categories for you to consider when choosing a marketing services vendor for your data:

Customer Relationship Management

Whether it’s SalesForce or another CRM application, we can help you navigate the challenges you face. Our team has worked with many different applications. We have the expertise to work with your team to develop an implementation strategy that meets your objectives.

Our Experience

  • 14,000 locations with over 5 million records annually
  • Loyalty Data
  • Contracts
  • Sales Data
  • Consumer Data
  • Customer Penetration Data
  • Master Record Data
  • Demographics and Location Data (all based on specific hierarchy)
  • Reporting

Our Capabilites

  • Certified SalesForce Administrators on staff
  • Expertise in scoping and consulting for custom design
  • Automating, Loading, Managing and Reporting of all data
  • API calls
  • Ability to develop Visual Force Pages
  • Custom APEX Coding
  • Customized CRM solutions
  • We are data-agnostic

Manage. Build. Maximize.

RDM has the expertise to work with you on creating a system that maximizes your sales, marketing and communication efforts at a cost-effective rate. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. We will help you turn your challenges into opportunities.

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