We Know Data.

RDM specializes in harnessing big data to enhance your marketing efforts.

Fitting The Pieces Together

What We Do

  • We solve problems while adapting to our clients' needs. All at a cost-effective rate.
  • Our Fortune 500 clients know that today’s marketing involves analyzing and applying big data to become more customer-centric.
  • Data has the power to increase ROI and build solid sales and marketing programs that will stay ahead of the competition.

How We Do It

  • We consult with your trusted advisors and assess your corporate objectives and challenges.
  • When we have collected the data:
    • We will collect, combine, report on all interviews.
    • Provide a prospectus with possible solutions that align to your strategic goals.
    • If we don’t fit, we’ll try to find you someone that does.

What Makes Us Different

Since the beginning of Results Driven Marketing, our foundation is cemented in positioning our clients' needs over our own corporate objectives. See how our clients have impacted our evolution.

Company Founded
Direct Mail
Traditional Marketing
Database Management
eCRM Customization
Local Store
Marketing Launch
Marketing Services
Customized Websites
Utilized as IT, Database,
& Marketing Department
SalesForce Integration,
Customization, Reporting,
and Administration
Customized Learning &
Creative Design Portals
Will you be next?

Our Leadership

Tom Hollingsworth

Chief Executive Officer

"One of my primary roles is to find people that possess a can-do attitude. I believe in creating a culture of treating people the way we wish to be treated. Having experienced many company environments, it was necessary to create a cohesive, dynamic, and dedicated group of individuals that could provide an invaluable service to facilitate the growth of our client’s ROI."

Buddy Kuhn


"Being able to work with our clients to collaboratively assess their needs, watch our strategic ideas spring to reality and then see it perform to help our clients, is satisfying on many levels. RDM has taught me to understand that what you put in, is what you get out. The position I’ve always communicated to our clients is that we are here to help serve their needs and guide them where they need to go."

Peter Janssen

Vice President

"At RDM we’ve been able to build a culture where our clients—and their needs—are our top priority. We are customer focused, very responsive to their needs, strategic, proficient professionals that take pride in our work. My role in our organization is to be a mentor/coach. I encourage individual growth, reinforce the importance of attention to detail, and to continually think from an audience's perspective."

Matt Weber

Senior Vice President

"With my degree in entrepreneurship, I feel at home at RDM, where each day presents a new challenge and every campaign is different. Post campaign analysis brings me the greatest thrill. Sharing with a client the details of how a project performed and what it means to their bottom line makes it all worthwhile!"

Matt Childs

Vice President

"At RDM we are always on the cutting edge of the industry, whether it's a new technology front or a new marketing strategy. I help make the client's dreams turn to reality. Every day is a new challenge and a new puzzle to solve. Even as RDM continues to grow and evolve, it is an ever exciting adventure to drive our client’s business to new heights."

Stacie Margrave

Vice President

"We are more than just another agency pushing another direct mail/email campaign, or just another data management group. Our team has become an integral piece of the loyalty programs for the second largest oil company in the world. This client is the front-runner in their industry and it's amazing to see how RDM has so much influence on the successes of these programs."

More About Us

Awards & Certifications

  • Shell Retail North America Vendor Recognition Program
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Certification
  • SalesForce.com Certified Administrators
  • Acxiom Marketing, Information Management and Identity Solutions Reseller


  • DMA Member - Direct Marketing Association
  • Better Business Bureau Member
  • Wichita Chamber of Commerce Member