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Industry Case Study

The Challenge

As part of a larger global initiative to streamline data management and distribution across its stakeholders, our client began using SalesForce. It didn’t take long for them to realize that this out-of-box solution would require additional integrations and customization to fully meet the needs of their unique organizational structure.

Solution Requirements

  • Manage over 14,000 locations, large data sets and unique identifiers.
  • Ability to look at data geographically.
  • Design and support the software and all customizations.
  • Review, design and customize reporting.
  • Work within allocated budget, while implementing changes within rigid time-constraints.

Our Solution

RDM provided a seamless transition for the client based on a working relationship with their team, business objectives and data.

  • The goal for our team was to maximize budget dollars and minimize the duplication of efforts by determining roles and responsibilities between RDM and the client.
  • As certified SalesForce Administrators we understood the inner workings of the software. This allowed RDM to consult with the client and address the design specifications in a timelier manner.
  • Developers trained in Apex code were secured to begin customizing the client’s SalesForce instance to meet design specifications.
  • Reporting was customized.



Locations managed

Within months, we were able to deliver the desired customizations and personnel to manage their SalesForce instance, all within budget.

  • RDM customized SalesForce to address the business needs of our client and continues to administer their SalesForce instance.
  • RDM has dedicated employees working alongside the client in their corporate offices and at RDM.
  • Our staff manages automation, support, and design for all SalesForce customization projects in the operations department.
  • Additional responsibilities include consulting with the client's global team.

Manage. Build. Maximize.

RDM has the expertise to guide your CRM initiative. Whether its SalesForce, Microsoft or a customized solution, our goal is to help you deliver maximum results, while meeting corporate objectives. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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