Industry Case Study

The Challenge

With a new CEO at the helm, pressure to increase revenue and gain market share was imminent. The need to act fast and make tough decisions was imperative. To meet the demands, the company needed a highly skilled, experienced team to hit the ground running but was faced with limited resources. Outsourcing their Marketing, IT and Database Management responsibilities was the immediate solution.

Solution Requirements


  • Creative Design
  • Content Development
  • Point-of-Sale Marketing Material
  • Fulfillment
  • Brand Management
  • Field Support Services

Strategy Management

  • Design, implementation, and ongoing management of:
    • Customer acquisition and retention campaigns
    • Customer reengagement campaigns
    • Routine communication support
  • Demographic studies
  • Brand Communication Support


  • Data Hosting
  • Database Management
  • Data hygiene/standardization
  • Data Mining
  • Reporting
  • Electronic creative warehousing

Our Strategy

  • Scheduled a meeting with the client’s executive management team to identify key business objectives and assess gaps in strategy and resources. Together, a road map for the future was formulated.
  • Based on specific needs, RDM assembled a team of leaders consisting of a Vice President, Dedicated Account Executive, Database Manager and the Director of IT.
  • Multifaceted, profitable marketing strategies and implementation plans were developed and executed in support of the client’s key business objectives. RDM provided ongoing management to oversee processes and projects.
  • The initial strategy and roadmap supported ongoing campaigns for customer acquisition, customer engagement/reengagement, prospecting models and retention programs.



Pieces of direct mail for 2017

  • In partnership with RDM, the client has experienced revenue growth through profitable acquisition and retention programs.
  • RDM provided IT/Database management support for approximately three years, until the client was prepared to migrate those responsibilities back “in house”. A plan that included governance and oversight mechanisms, a communication strategy and critical checks and balances was established to ensure a smooth transition and long term operational stability. RDM hosted a two-day, onsite training to review and prepare for the handoff of responsibilities.
  • The relationship continues. RDM remains as their consultant of record with varying responsibilities such as: consulting services for specialized marketing initiatives, facilitation of customer communications, creative design and fulfillment of POS materials and hardware; field support and administration of a multiuser, centralized creative portal, custom designed and developed by RDM.

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