Industry Case Study

The Challenge

Our client was faced with outdated, manual lead generation processes. They wanted to automate quickly to increase productivity, generate revenue and deliver leads while they were HOT!

Solution Requirements

  • Current lead generation system was labor intensive, outdated and inefficient for a multi-state sales force with limited resources.
  • The current process lost time and money. The sales and management teams required an automated system to increase revenue.
  • The limited ability to store, track and report critical data.
  • It was important to stay within allocated budgets.

Our Solution

To develop an online lead generation and management portal that would allow the agents to better target their prospects, place mailing orders and receive leads more quickly.

  • The custom built CRM database offers the client the capability to ingest, store and disseminate large amounts of data, while providing daily leads and analytics to the sales and management teams.
  • Customized reporting, budgeting, and tracking capabilities.



Leads generated from 2014-2017

  • Agents can analyze their territories (order history and lead response rate) quickly and clearly to better serve and acquire potential policyholders.
  • Agents’ territory data is housed in one, easy-to-access yet secure portal that is accessible from any device with internet access.
  • Automated processes alleviated many inefficiencies including: man hours, loss of sales, and discrepancies in data.
  • The system provides agents with the right tools to efficiently manage and build their business.

Manage. Build. Maximize.

RDM’s process of utilizing design interviews and our staff's expertise in data, data management and development, allowed us to fully engineer a system that addressed their challenges, benefitted their entire company, and increased sales.

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