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  • Services Database


    We develop databases that support CRM strategies with your end goal in mind - acquiring, maintaining and managing customer data while using it to the fullest potential of driving new repeat business to your door.

    Database Construction

    We design databases centered on client requirements and objectives, deploying transactional and non-transactional design capabilities and integrate our systems with your existing database platforms.

    Data Mining

    Given your data, the RDM team initially performs data hygiene services, then places it under the microscope to cleanly target, segment, model or analyze the data to hone in on your ideal customers. Based on your campaign objectives we can then score, cluster, extract or suppress data so your marketing efforts hit the bulls-eye.


    Based on client scope, requirements and business needs, we offer report suites delivered via secure FTP. Reports range from: static reporting that provides management, sales team and key stakeholders performance information; to a live data reporting dashboard that is API enabled, allowing real-time analysis via remote access for client management, customer service and sales team production. Reporting is Ad Hoc and tailored to your specific, pre-defined objectives. In addition, Excel automation can be added to dashboard reporting and additional API’s utilized to expand core marketing functionality from your third-party marketing vendors.

    Data Hosting, Warehouse and Mart

    An industry standard for data security is off-site hosting. RDM has the knowledge and experience to extract, transform and load (ETL) your data, as well as providing maintenance. We currently load 4 million records daily; maintain a historical database of 5 billion records while protecting 500 million payment accounts.

    Certification / Strategic Partners

    In addition to being an Acxiom Authorized Broker, RDM is established with FIS™, the world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payment technologies. We also heavily focus on data protection with our PCI (Payment Card Industry) Certification and Compliance with a successful annual security audit, quarterly internal vulnerability scans, monthly external penetration tests, full video surveillance, adherence to industry standard data security policy and procedures, and regular security awareness training.

    Hardware and Software Capabilities

    RDM provides a wide range of platform and programming competencies and experience, including SQL Enterprise platform, MS Dynamics CRM, and other widely used software applications. Hardware capabilities include over 200 Terabytes of on Premises Storage, and an HP Server Network, which is HVAC supported and has secure and monitored access. We have cloud based and virtualized environments excellent for hosting consumer portals, web hosted applications (API) or custom tailored database backend systems.

  • Web Services

    RDM has a broad knowledge base of developing all types of internal and external facing websites. These can connect with your existing sites to expand your marketing capabilities, improve efficiencies and deliver the results you need.


    Internal marketing portals provide your team access to order materials, pull reports and maintain corporate brand standards. External website portals enable consumers easy access to loyalty programs, product information and promotional activity which creates engagement.

    Website Construction

    For our website creation and development, we build for desktop, mobile and responsive designs. By integrating API and enabling multiple channels, our technologies can effectively push and pull information between systems. Promotional landing pages cover a plethora of needs-based functionality (sign up, sweepstakes, surveys, and coupons).


    RDM offers customizable local websites based on corporate standards that allow for brand oversight but permit field based operations to execute individualized local store marketing programs.

    Store Locator Services

    Technologies include geo-spatial location or zip code, real-time updates, amenities, store ranking and API connectivity within I-frame of corporate website.


    Security is our number one priority when hosting our client’s websites. We offer service level capabilities with 99.98 percent up-time, redundant back-up servers and secure logins that virtually guarantee complete up-time and zero data loss.

  • Direct Mail


    Since 1998 Results Driven Marketing has delivered 450+ million direct mail pieces. We process programs ranging from 500 to 10 million pieces. With over 35 years of experience, we ensure your mailing will meet postal standards, stand out in the mailbox and deliver the call to action.


    By offering offset, digital, on-demand and customizable solutions, we have more resources than you can imagine. From postcards and mail flats, personalized and matching envelope mailers, company or external newsletters, highly customized marketing pieces with piggyback labels to die-cut plastics and POP support materials; if you dream it we can create it and get it mailed.


    Lead generation, targeted acquisition/retention, reminder mail services, variable messaging and PURL (Personalized URL) are services RDM combines to give your campaign the most exciting calls to action with measurable results.

    Data-Driven Marketing

    We believe in the data-driven marketing approach and incorporate targeting, hygiene and post analysis as your needs dictate. Whether your campaign is designed for retention or acquisition, we can suggest solutions to target your best customers or saturation to find them.

  • Email Marketing

    Having created, managed and deployed hundreds of email campaigns, we have the knowledge and experience to know what it takes for your emails to arrive at their destination which gets your customers to your door.


    Working with your goals,objectives and metrics, RDM strategically determines the audience and content, then times the campaign deployment for the most effective results. Our experience with email engines includes Exact Target and iContact among others.


    Whether you design it or RDM does, we offer HTML/CSS 3 - mobile friendly coding that keeps your audience engaged. Performing text to image ratio analysis allows your dollar to be maximized for better open rates.


    By deploying geo-targeting and demographic targeting based on cluster/grouping indicators, we're able to seek the best customers and desired effect. Any data-point contained within the client database increases open, click-through and click-to-open ratios.


    After the design has been approved, RDM can HTML code, performance test, set tracking links and host images and forms. We will also manage bounces to reduce SPAM complaints and improve overall list health.


    By providing post reporting of results based on requested metrics, an ROI analysis can be conducted based on fulfillment processing of the post campaign.

    Promotional Landing Pages

    We design and develop desktop, mobile and responsive website landing pages. Sign up (opt-in), sweepstakes entry path, surveys, comments, questions, secure coupon printing and auto-populated mail-in rebate hosting are just a few tactics we can deploy to drive a successful and profitable campaign.

    How RDM team members are "Driven" to deliver Results

    Maia Briggs - Marketing Manager

    Adapting to new marketing technology can be overwhelming and decrease productivity. We are here to relieve the anxiety change can cause by helping clients navigate the uncharted waters. We manage the difficult tasks so our clients’ employees can focus on what they do best. Overall, we become an extension of our clients’ business helping them to effectively compete within their industries.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

    Many companies shy away from mobile marketing because of fear of the unknown. At RDM we are driven to see our clients succeed in their market place and navigating these uncharted waters is an example of how we help them compete within their industries.

    Dedicated or Shared Shortcode

    RDM facilitates the process to decide whether Dedicated or Shared Shortcode is the best strategy to deploy for your enterprise or operation.

    Keyword & QR Code

    We can generate QR codes that are unique to a location, group or geography. RDM can also create keywords that are web hook capable.

    Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Best Practices

    Adhering to MMA best practices, RDM consults with you to determine the type, length and scope of the campaign as well as which opt-in (single use or handset verification) method is most suitable.

    Helferich Patent Litigation (HPL) Compliant

    RDM understands the risks associated with mobile marketing. We are HPL compliant and consistently stay abreast of and consult on strategies to avoid, ways of mitigating your risk, and protecting your business.

    Basic SMS Campaigns

    Reminder programs, sweepstakes campaigns, promotional offerings and mobile alerts are basic campaigns that easily allow you access to your customers while promoting your brand.

    SMS Campaigns With URL Linking

    In addition to basic campaigns, RDM offers the flexibility to add PURL’s (Personalized URL) that when linked gives you tracking capabilities for response and redemption analysis. PURL’s can also redirect your customers to a landing page, social media or a video that drives your marketing efforts further.

    Mobile Website Development and Hosting

    We have driven the development of multi-platform friendly websites to include landing pages, loyalty programs and store locators, to name a few. Landing pages are designed to incorporate acquisition efforts such as opt-ins, sweepstakes entries and surveys. Loyalty programs and promotions incorporate entries, points or rewards tracking and ultimately redemptions which promote your brand. Store locators get your clients in your door utilizing geo-spatial location or by zip codes. You can also incorporate tailored, real time content such as store openings and closings, amenities provided and most favorable location to meet your customers' needs. All mobile connectivity is accomplished via API within the I-frame of your corporate website.

    Secure Coupon Integration

    Our couponing technology is generic or unique capable and pre-populated with consumer, retailer or local information. We also offer response tracking to campaign, retail location or consumer engagement, giving you vital data about your customers' habits and buying styles.

    How RDM team members are "Driven" to deliver Results

    Jennifer Joy – Account Executive

    RDM has seen what works and what doesn’t. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to offer guidance because of what we’ve done as a company and also what work we’ve done for the client.

    Shyla Boyer – Senior Finance Manager

    RDM is an extension to our client's Marketing Department. We have the experience, dedication and drive to help them adapt to new and upcoming ways of contacting and catching the eyes of their targeted customers. We provide our clients with the results to grow and succeed.

  • Field Support Services

    Field Support Services

    Results Driven Marketing custom tailors programs to fit your needs. We do not develop one-size-fits-all solutions.

    Live Phone Support

    Our live phone support offers a Midwestern or neutral dialect. With live translation of call services offered, personable and pleasurable experiences are achieved.

    Email Support

    Our programs deploy an Ad Hoc and system generated workflow with CRM processing and case status notifications.

    Industry Knowledge

    Our experienced team provides insightful industry knowledge that lends itself to improved customer satisfaction and improved marketing performance. Assistance in interpreting your reports helps you better understand the data, and our individualized client facility knowledge offers a more personalized troubleshooting approach.

    Inbound Correspondence Processing

    Sales lead generation – scan, upload, compile, report, and deliver on-line access for management and sales force, the leads generated within the sales territory. Returned mail processing provides clients the non-deliverable mail file to flag within their CRM system to manage hygiene of customer database, reducing future postal costs. We also preform sweepstakes, mail-in processing and authentication of qualified entries and reporting to client. In addition, RDM provides direct mail response analysis.

    Corporate & Franchisee Liaison

    As an extension of operational/marketing needs, RDM offers franchisee technical /escalation point support (B2B), loyalty program case resolution (B2C), program/promotion sell-in, implementation and support.

    Management Reporting

    MS Dynamics CRM on-site servers offer time tracking, case management, case resolution and trending analysis for implementation improvements.

    How RDM team members are "Driven" to deliver Results

    Cinda York - Marketing Services Manager

    Our customers know they can rely on us – “I know when I call you Cinda that you will answer – when I call corporate all I get is voicemail.”

    Carmen Riggle - Marketing Manager

    I recall having a client tell me, “You guys are almost too helpful!” That’s what we’re here for, going above and beyond to help our customers as much as we can by providing the best customer service possible.